Product API

  • GET /inventory

    API version V1

    The GET /inventory method can be used to retrieve inventory information for a specific product or all products for a specific client.

    Retrieve a single item. By providing a specific sku the API will return the inventory for this item.

    Retrieve all items. If no sku provided it will retrieve inventory info for all products available.
    In case a request contains a sku that does not exist, or has no inventory available the API will respond with a quantity of 0. e.g. no stock available.

    In case a request is made to retrieve all available inventory and no inventory is available (no sku's have been setup) the response will be OK (200) but the payload will show an empty array. E.g. configuration is done but no items have been setup yet.

    API version V1.1

    A new options has been added to retrieve a list of items.
    To retrieve a list of items e.g. the content of a basket the items are listed in the query parameter. Seperate items using a pipe symbol as separator |.

    There is a limitation to the number of items that can be requested in a single call. The API will accept upt to 20 items (length of URL allowed is max 255 characters).

    Sample request:


  • POST /inventory/reservation

    API version V1

  • POST /setInventorySnapshot

    API version V1